Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had this funny chat with one of my friends,

and she kept telling me how disgusted she felt at the thought of me being a L.

It was funny so far ... till I got too serious, to confess my being so.

She hung up!!!

I kept listening to nothing in particular for minutes ,,,

My heart was beating like crazy,,,

My lips felt dry,,,

My eyes blurred with tears,,,

I had been rejected by my most trustworthy friend just because of my honesty.

I felt the world is falling over me ...

everything is staring at me with pity if not disgust,

I saw objects I cannot name surrounding me and smelling like rot!

I touched my breasts and intimate curves just to soothe a pain that stabbed me at that momement,

that I am still a woman, a beautiful, pure, innocent and good one.

that I am still a human who would accomplish her happiness, dreams and expectations without hurting others.

that I am still a "being" who would live quietly and happily with another "being" of her own choice.

I still believe that I am who I am ...

God had created me this way,

why would people execute my very existence when I am alive?

... or trying to be so?