Monday, July 20, 2009

A Lover means a Sinner

Here and now,

I confess of my being one of the greatest sinners on earth.


I have fallen in love with a butch!

It had been 15 days since I met that 'being'.

I am 'almost' happy.


  1. It is sad that you didn't right any more! I hope that your new love is treating you well. It is the worst thing ever being alone, people don't care about us, because they don't know the meaning of being lonely
    They don't know,
    Those who don't live alone,
    How frightening is
    How a girl talks to herself,
    How she runs to mirrors,
    Hungry for a soul,
    They don't know it.

    Wish you well


  2. I am honoured for having you in my dark moor!

    Well, I am back!

    indeed, I am too busy looking for a way to live happily.

    Why can I not, as a lesbian, live the way I want?

    Why do people have to lable me as Lesbian anyways?

    What's wrong with loving another girl like me?

    What's so speacial about men?

    I am a good person, I love everyone, So nice and Gentle ... why do they have to judge me according to my sexual orientation?

    The world is unfair!